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Real-time Automated Data Integration

We connect seamlessly to POS, PMS and OTAs moving your data to where you need it most

Manage All Your Data

Centralize your pricing data, listing data, property and financial data.


Dedicated Connectors

Integrate from a large selection of hospitality APIs from our constantly expanding catalog.



Sync directly to your database to get your data transformed and ready to be analyzed.


Customer Testimonials

"MovingLake offers us 3 main benefits:
It is now faster to get the data we need compared to when we had to develop our own data pipelines. In addition, it is now simpler to get the data everywhere we need it. Finally, we were able to reduce our engineering resources and don’t need to worry about money when maintaining or scaling our cloud infrastructure."

Miguel Magos, VP of Data, Casai

"MovingLake's platform abstracted all of the heavy lifting we needed to create a robust ETL for our mission-critical datasources. We were able to warehouse core data for our business in only a few days and their excellent customer support has helped us all the way to make sure every configuration works as expected."

Luis Gabriel, Engineer, Naya Homes

Trusted by Key Players in the Hospitality Industry

All Your Hospitality Data at a Glance

Centralize data from all of your hospitality-related applications. MovingLake offers no-code connectors to your property management system, customer engagement platform, collaboration tools and more. This way you will get in-depth data insights in the form of owner or franchisee dashboards for optimizing revenue management and KPI tracking.

Large Selection of
Hospitality Connectors

We offer an unrivalled and constantly expanding selection of dedicated hospitality connectors for channel managing applications, property management systems, booking engines, payment collection and more.

The ETL process in the hospitality industry

Get to Data-Driven Faster

Ensure you are making decisions based on solid data insights. Use our dedicated connectors to start building and creating relevant dashboards and metrics around your hospitality business.