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The #1 real-time API connector company.
A Y Combinator backed business.

entire integration In One Connector

Updates flowing in real time to your backend, ERPs, CRMs as well as to your databases, datalakes, data warehouses and message queues!

Easy to Use

Easy to follow setup guide to get your connectors up and running
in little to no time.

Fan Out Events

Push your data from a single platform to all of your downstream services, dependencies and data repositories.

Event-driven Architecture

Natively thought of to support
event-driven architectures.
Leave the scheduler hassles to us!


Here's what our customers say

Miguel Magos
VP of Data at Casai

A Sync That Never Sleeps

MovingLake is always syncing, so there's never more than a minute or so of drift
between the API and your database.


API Connectors

Easily replay any failed or missed events. Configure back-off, jitter and dead-letter behaviors. With an optional deduplication system to avoid sending any event more than once. Get your data transformed and ready to analyze in your preferred data repositories.

  1. The #1 real-time API connector company

  2. Get your reports in real time

  3. Community support


Get to Data-Driven Faster

Ensure your company is making decisions based on data insights. Use our connectors to start building and creating relevant dashboards and metrics
around your business.

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1 - Select the API

Choose the API(s) you want to integrate from our constantly expanding catalog.

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2 - Map your data

Select the entities or endpoints you want to sync. All already configure with webhooks, if any. Override the polling frequency for any.

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3 - Connect your

Sync directly to your production database.
Or try a hosted demo database to take MovingLake for a spin.

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Only Pay for What You Use

Monthly cost scales logarithmically with usage starting at $230/mo