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We connect seamlessly to marketaplces and seller tools moving your data to where you need it most

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Centralize your inventory data, orders data, checkouts and financial data.


Dedicated Connectors

Integrate from a large selection of e-commerce APIs from our constantly expanding catalog.



Sync directly to your database to get your data transformed and ready to be analyzed.


Customer Testimonials

"MovingLake offered all the ETLs we needed for our business at a more affordable price than the competition and on a faster refresh frequency. MovingLake also delivers the data in fully expanded SQL tables which makes it easier to work with the Data.
Using MovingLake we have been able to move twice as fast with our data stack deployments while letting us also focus on transformations and business intelligence. MovingLake value add makes a lot of sense when compared to the costs of an actual data engineering team."

Kevin Mendez, Data Lead, GAIA

"MovingLake provided us with the exact solution we needed to push ourAmazon Seller Central data into our SQL server. Our technical expertise is limited in this space so we couldn’t have asked for a better team to help walk us through the set-up phase and
hold our hand through the process. We’re now able to pull data much quicker, which
has significantly improved our workflow, and don’t need to rely on full blown inventory planning apps with connectors that are simply unreliable and not customizable to the extent we need.

Adam Bartell, Assistant Operations Manager, Intelligent Blends

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All Your Business Data at a Glance

Centralize data from all of your e-commerce-related applications. MovingLake offers no-code connectors to your marketplace channels, marketing channels, D2C system and more. This way you will get in-depth data insights in the form of owner or franchisee dashboards for optimizing revenue management and KPI tracking.

Growing Selection of
E-Commerce Connectors

We offer a constantly expanding selection of dedicated e-commerce connectors for managing your business. We can launch any other connector in as little as 5 days.

The ETL process in the hospitality industry

Get to Data-Driven Faster

Ensure you are making decisions based on solid data insights. Use our dedicated connectors to start building and creating relevant dashboards and metrics around your e-commerce business.