Data Privacy

How MovingLake handles sensitive data

Data Privacy

With the advent of GDPR and all of its implications, it is more important now than ever to be able to process, manage and store data in a correct manner. At MovingLake we are doing a few things to tackle this issue


One of the first things we are working on is to be SOC-2 certified. This basically ensures that your data is being processed by the best security standards within our processes and systems.

VPN Agents

We know that sometimes even the best certifications is not enough to comply with company standards. For this reasons we also can run our agents within your cloud and/or VPN and so guarantee that the data will never leave the VPN.

Data Deletion

Please reach out to us at for deletion requests. Upon receiving the message, we will delete any and all data about you from our system. For organization deletion, we need first for the organization to have one user before proceeding (we need each organization member to reach out to delete their user).