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Amazon Seller Partner API Connector Documentation

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How to use the Amazon SP API Connector.

Sellers and Vendors on Amazon have access to an API where they can interact with their account programmatically. MovingLake has created an official App within the Partner ecosystem with which any Seller and/or Vender can install it on their account. Once installed, it can be used within your MovingLake account to create this SP API connector to launch an automated ETL. This connector is as real time as it gets so expect to start seeing your orders flow pretty much instantaneously.

After choosing the connector within MovingLake, please also select the destination or destinations you want to send the extracted events. Please note that http destinations will receive JSON payloads as POST requests sent from our message queue. However other SQL-like destinations will receive the data in table format. Finally destinations such as MongoDB and Firebase will receive the JSON payload as well with auto-generated IDs.

Connector guide.

Follow these steps to get started with our Amazon Seller connector:

  1. Log-in into you Amazon seller account as an admin.
  2. Go to the following URL.
  3. Accept and authorize MovingLake’s App.
  4. You’ll be redirected to another site displaying a raw JSON. Copy the text following "refresh_token" and "selling_partner_id". Please store these two.
  5. Go to your MovingLake account, create an Amazon SP connector and use the refresh token and seller ID to create it.
  6. That’s it! You should see the information flowing shortly after.

Following is a list of entities we currently support for this connector:

  • Orders: We extract Orders every minute. We send any new orders as well as any orders which had an update. Note that Orders are enriched with its Order Items.
  • Financial Events: For financial events we split them by type and then send them out individually as separate events. Note that these are all events supported currently
  • Catalog Items: We scan all items for any changes in your account every hour and send any updates downstream.
  • Messages: We propagate any message generated in your account downstream every minute.
  • Shipments: We scan every minute for new shipments or updates on any previously sent shipment and send them downstream!

Financial Events Table

Event Type Description
ShipmentEventList A list of shipment events.
RefundEventList A list of refund events.
GuaranteeClaimEventList A list of guarantee claim events.
ChargebackEventList A list of chargeback events.
PayWithAmazonEventList A list of events related to the seller’s Pay with Amazon account.
ServiceProviderCreditEventList A list of information about solution provider credits.
RetrochargeEventList A list of information about Retrocharge or RetrochargeReversal events.
RentalTransactionEventList A list of rental transaction event information.
ProductAdsPaymentEventList A list of sponsored products payment events.
ServiceFeeEventList A list of information about service fee events.
SellerDealPaymentEventList A list of payment events for deal-related fees.
DebtRecoveryEventList A list of debt recovery event information.
LoanServicingEventList A list of loan servicing events.
AdjustmentEventList A list of adjustment event information for the seller’s account.
SAFETReimbursementEventList A list of SAFETReimbursementEvents.
SellerReviewEnrollmentPaymentEventList A list of information about fee events for the Early Reviewer Program.
FBALiquidationEventList A list of FBA inventory liquidation payment events.
CouponPaymentEventList A list of coupon payment event information.
ImagingServicesFeeEventList A list of fee events related to Amazon Imaging services.
NetworkComminglingTransactionEventList A list of network commingling transaction events.
AffordabilityExpenseEventList A list of expense information related to an affordability promotion.
AffordabilityExpenseReversalEventList A list of expense information related to an affordability promotion.
TrialShipmentEventList A list of information about trial shipment financial events.
ShipmentSettleEventList A list of information about shipment settle financial events.
TaxWithholdingEventList List of TaxWithholding events.
RemovalShipmentEventList A list of removal shipment event information.
RemovalShipmentAdjustmentEventList A comma-delimited list of Removal shipmentAdjustment details for FBA inventory.